College Manor for over 60 years in Maryland

Family Testimonial

To whom it may concern,                                         March 17, 2019

I am writing this letter on behalf of College Manor, a family assisted retirement community . My mom and dad moved into College Manor a year ago, my mom being 87 with dementia and my dad at 89 with cancer. From the very beginning, College Manor had a warm and welcoming spirit. Bobby Renaud, the business manager, gave us a thorough tour answering numerous questions. He could not have been more kind and professional. After making the decision for our parents to be at College Manor, we were given tremendous care every step of the way.  Upon entering the building, Jackie, who sits at the front desk throughout the week and Barbara on the weekends, could be counted on to brighten our day. It wasn’t a full visit to see mom and dad without a conversation with them.  The beautiful living room brought us all pleasure as we would sit for countless hours simply enjoying the big band era music playing throughout. Meals were always a place of comfort as well. Millie, Stephanie, Kathy, Evelyn, just to name a few, made sure that my dad received a second hot dog or an entirely different entree if he changed his mind at the last minute or more than one serving of his favorite ice cream. We marveled at how they knew every individual so well. And they always brought smiles.

The setting on the hill is gorgeous. College Manor works hard and does a great job making it feel like home. Every holiday throughout the year is celebrated with decorations and in the springtime and summer, the outdoor gardens are a beautiful place to enjoy an afternoon.

But beyond all of this, it is the personal care that made College Manor such a positive and special experience for our family. My mom and dad both had great respect for Dr. Greene, the resident doctor. Bunny Renaud plays many roles with perhaps the most important being a wonderful and intuitive nurse who within a short period of time became a good friend. We knew she cared deeply for our parents and that meant the world to us. When our mom died last October, Bunny was at College Manor at 2:00 a.m. to receive us and comfort us and give us guidance. A few days later, College Manor held its annual remembrance for all who had died within the last year. Bunny personally spoke to the beauty and dignity of each individual in a way that will always be remembered. It is this personal care and interest in each relationship which is the hallmark of College Manor. My husband often says, ” I so wish my dad had spent his final years there. He would have loved it.”

Having said goodbye to our dad just a few weeks back has provided the opportunity to reflect on the last year, and that reflection prompted the desire to write this note. Our family feels tremendously blessed through College Manor. We will be visiting every so often as the people there became an extended family, and we will miss them. So with the highest praise, I write this on behalf of very good people who work hard to provide the best care for each and every individual.


Deb L.