College Manor for over 60 years in Maryland

Passion for Quality Food

At College Manor, our goal is to achieve restaurant quality food while maintaining an at home dining atmosphere. Our newly renovated dining room will make you feel right at home.

Our kitchen staff caters to all varieties of dietary needs. Our friendly dining room staff will greet you with warm smiles while assisting you throughout each meal. A certified dietitian approves all of the menus, and offerings include a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables from our garden. Familiar meat and fish recipes are part of the meal followed by dessert. Special diets are limited but we will try to work with you to satisfy your needs.

Our restaurant quality food is some of the best you will find in an assisted living facility in the state of Maryland.

Find out more from Chef Kevin and his passion for food and the residents by clicking here!

We welcome guests at any time and encourage you to join us.

Preferences are sought prior to preparing meals, although you can change your mind. Breakfast is always served in your bedroom, while lunch and dinner is served in the main dining room. Meals are able to be catered in the room if there is an illness or a preference.

To enhance your dining experience, special events are planned such as candlelight dinners with live music.

We are here to accommodate you. Assisted living while enjoying restaurant quality food.