College Manor for over 60 years in Maryland

Short-Term or Respite Care

Providing care to your loved ones on a day-to-day basis can be exhausting. Everyone could use a bit of help taking care of their parents or grandparents, and College Manor is here for you! If you need a break from caring for your loved ones all day, or want to take the family on vacation, College Manor offers respite care that is easy to navigate and helpful for you.

Currently, we offer 14-day minimum respite stays to families in Baltimore County and surrounding areas.  After the first 14-days, you only need to provide 48-hours notice as to when a resident will be heading home.  We have found that some families plan breaks on a regular basis so their family member may look forward to the social interaction they might not get at home.

Physical, financial and emotional consequences for the family caregiver can be overwhelming without support such as Respite. Respite care has been shown to help sustain the family caregiver’s health and well-being.

Our admission process is simple. We require an Application, and the Health Care Practitioner Physical Assessment form completed by the attending physician. The Assisted Living Managers form is a necessary tool to determine the level of care.

After a respite stay, the residents information is kept on file and if they wish to return again, only updated care and medication documentation is needed.  In addition, consecutive respite stays only require a 7-day minimum.  When you are ready, just reach out to our admissions department by calling 4436524061

We offer Respite Care to Seniors in Baltimore County and surrounding areas.