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The following resources are available to help you learn more.

Temporary funding opportunities are available to our residents through the following foundations:

Respite stay will be provided for those who qualify. Please note that benefits vary by agency.

Veterans Affairs (410) 605-7620

Many of our prospects are survivors and widows of survivors of armed conflict. Many of them are entitled to Veteran’s benefits- Aid and Assistance.  We have been helping those who qualify to get the paperwork and see that it is processed in a timely manner.  Click here for additional resources.

Baltimore County Ombudsman Program (410) 887-4200

The Ombudsman Program was created to protect the rights of nursing home residents and promote their well-being. Staff and volunteers in the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program serve as advocates for residents of long term care facilities such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities and continuing care retirement centers. The staff there can answer questions about long term care resident’s rights, quality of care, nursing home alternatives, financing and pre-placement planning.

Medical Alert Safety Systems (800) 354-1327

“When it comes to finding a medical alert system, there are thousands of companies to choose from with a thousand more features to consider. That’s why we not only looked at every medical alert system on the market now, but we also took a deep dive into the industry itself and to the millions of people using medical alert devices to find out what really matters.”

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