A Day in the Life at College Manor

The day is mostly up to you, just like at home. The difference is that you might receive a gentle wake up call, your morning medicines brought to you, your blood pressure recorded for your physician, and breakfast in bed with brewed coffee and the paper.

You might even have a warm shower with someone to scrub your back as well as help to get into your freshly laundered clothes.

Exercise class is the first activity of the day while Jessica shares the Joke of the Day.  Flavored water waits at the hydration bar where the rest of your friends have gathered in the living room. Your favorite classic music is playing in the background.

Lunch is the homemade soup made with the tomatoes and basil from the garden we planted in the spring. After lunch, the group is gathering for an art project but you might rather take a nap, and that is okay!

Once refreshed, a volunteer has offered to share a walk with you on our 11 acres, in historic Lutherville, MD, settling in the warm sun on the front patio.

An afternoon snack is waiting inside along with a cup of tea and a book from the large type library. You might get pulled into a trivia contest. At 6:00pm, supper is ready and the entree is crab cakes with big lump crab meat. A few of you wanted to see the ball game together on the TV. The big screen is perfect to share that.

As you head to your room for the evening, your bed is turned back with night clothes laid out.

Residents are free to set their own routine each day.