College Manor for over 60 years in Maryland

A Safe Environment

A primary concern when seeking care is safety. There would have to be the promise of more safety wherever you are going, as your home environment is no longer safe.

Our staff have had background checks as well as personal and professional recommendations. We hire caregivers for their history of compassionate care. Training is initiated at orientation and continues with ongoing required educational inservices on a monthly basis.

Consistent staffing and access to services in one place makes it possible and more probable that healthy practices can be observed. We do not let weather, degree of frailty, or memory issues get in the way of optimal delivery of services.

Help is within earshot day or night for you.

A state-of-the-art nurse call system can be modified to meet your needs, and can track responses electronically.

Our video cameras ensure monitoring inside the hallways and outside of the building at all times.

We discuss Quality Assurance weekly in our department meetings and input is received from the monthly resident council meetings. Statistics are kept for internal use but also for the Office of Health Care Quality for the State of Maryland and the Sanitarian for Baltimore County Department of Health.

The ombudsman for the Department of Aging is also available as an objective sounding board and facilitator. We would be happy to introduce you.

The administrator, Jane Banks and the Assisted Living Manager, Bunny Renaud are accessible at all hours and respond for any problems or concerns 24/7.

We provide you with reliable care coverage. We are one of the most trusted assisted living facility in the Baltimore area.