Word Game

10/04/17 11:30 am - 10/04/17 12:30 pm

A working mind, is a healthy one.  Players are given a theme and attempt to guess the related word.  Formally known as, “Hang Man.”

Related upcoming events

  • 30/05/17 11:30 am - 30/05/17 12:30 pm

    Ring toss is our version of the popular carnival game.  The object of the game is simple: toss your rings and see how many bottles you can hoop.

  • 30/05/17 2:00 pm - 30/05/17 3:00 pm

    We are beginning a new series this Spring and Summer titled, "Wellness Talk."  Becky and Ginger will be here on the last Tuesday of each month.  Topics will include memory, hydration, depression, how to manage day-to-day activities and many more.  All residents are welcome to join the discussion.  You might even learn something new!

  • 30/05/17 3:30 pm - 30/05/17 4:00 pm

    One word, trivia.  That is all we really need to say, cause everyone loves trivia.  There is no better way to use the useless knowledge, pop culture has given us!

  • 31/05/17 11:00 am - 31/05/17 11:30 am

    A little light stretching and exercise with our trainer, Larry McClain.

  • 31/05/17 3:00 pm - 31/05/17 4:00 pm
    Join us as we travel to a time of refinement, with a delightful tea party in our chapel.  Sweet treats will be served: scones, cucumber sandwiches along with a variety of teas.
  • 20/06/17 7:00 pm - 20/06/17 8:00 pm

    All family members of College Manor residents, are welcome and encouraged to come voice their opinions this evening.  Ann Sigmund, our Activities Director, orchestrates and takes the minutes for each meeting.  Your opinions and suggestions will be brought up at the weekly administration meetings.  Let us know how we are doing.