15/09/17 3:15 pm - 15/09/17 4:00 pm

Volunteers from Immaculate Conception come to say the rosary with any residents who would like to participate.

Related upcoming events

  • 22/02/18 11:00 am - 22/02/18 12:00 pm

    Laura is a local Baltimore artist who leads the art class at College Manor.  She always has a new art project or craft for residents to try.  Laura is also a gifted people-person who effortlessly coaches residents as they create art pieces of their own.

  • 22/02/18 2:00 pm - 22/02/18 3:00 pm

    Try your luck with this classic game.

  • 23/02/18 11:00 am - 23/02/18 11:30 am

    A little light stretching, exercise and a couple jokes with our personal trainer, Larry McClain.  He'll pump you up!

  • 23/02/18 11:30 am - 23/02/18 12:30 pm

    Our Activities Director Ann Sigmund gives manicures to all residents who would like one :)

  • 23/02/18 2:00 pm - 23/02/18 3:00 pm

    Our Activities Director Ann Sigmund gives manicures to all residents who would like one :)

  • 24/02/18 2:00 pm - 24/02/18 3:00 pm

    Ed Weens is one of the many local Baltimore artists that we love to have perform for residents.  He can strum the guitar and play with the best, so come listen this afternoon.

  • 25/02/18 2:00 pm - 25/02/18 4:00 pm

    Residents gather in front of the big screen to watch popular cinema, from classic to next gen. films.

  • 26/02/18 11:30 am - 26/02/18 12:30 pm

    Our Activities Director, Ann Siegmund, leads a group discussion about current events happening at home and around the globe.  Come and stay up-to-date on today's top stories.

  • 27/02/18 11:30 am - 27/02/18 12:30 pm

    Ginger Glindemann, a local volunteer, leads residents in discussions that are based around a seasonal theme.

  • 27/02/18 3:00 pm - 27/02/18 4:00 pm
    Join us as we travel to a time of refinement, with a delightful tea party in our chapel.  Sweet treats will be served: scones, cucumber sandwiches along with a variety of teas.
  • 28/02/18 11:30 am - 28/02/18 12:30 pm

    A priest from St. John's Church, in Historic Lutherville, will be visiting to give a short prayer service and communion. All residents are welcome to join.

  • 28/02/18 2:30 pm - 28/02/18 4:30 pm

    Join the happy hour fun, in our multi-purpose room.  Bernie Hernandez will be here to provide the entertainment for the evening. Food and drinks will be provided of course.  Non-alcoholic beverages are available as well.

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