02/06/17 11:00 am - 02/06/17 11:30 am
300 west seminary avenue 300 west seminary avenue

A little light stretching and exercise with our trainer, Larry McClain.

Related upcoming events

  • 19/09/17 11:30 am - 19/09/17 12:30 pm

    Ginger Glindemann, a local volunteer, leads residents in discussions that are based around a seasonal theme.

  • 20/09/17 11:00 am - 20/09/17 11:30 am

    A little light stretching, exercise and a couple jokes with our personal trainer, Larry McClain.  He'll pump you up!

  • 20/09/17 11:30 am - 20/09/17 12:15 pm

    Join a group discussion about verses from the Bible.  There are many interpretations but we would like to hear yours.  Come share your opinion in a comfortable and welcoming setting.

  • 20/09/17 2:00 pm - 20/09/17 3:00 pm

    What is...Jeopardy?  Test your knowledge of american history, literature, film and everything in between.  Join our Activities Director, Ann Sigmund, in the multi-purpose room to play.

  • 21/09/17 10:15 am - 21/09/17 11:00 am

    The Lutherville Garden Club comes the 3rd Thursday of every month from September to May. They bring fresh flowers and greens. They assist the residents to make beautiful arrangements to enjoy in their rooms. Many of the members make sure that all residents have an arrangement in their room even if the resident is unable to participate.

  • 21/09/17 11:00 am - 21/09/17 12:00 pm

    Laura is a local Baltimore artist who leads the art class at College Manor.  She always has a new art project or craft for her students to perfect.  Laura is also a gifted people-person who effortlessly coaches residents as they create art pieces of their own.

  • 21/09/17 2:00 pm - 21/09/17 3:00 pm

    Try your luck with this classic game.

  • 22/09/17 11:30 am - 22/09/17 12:30 pm

    Our Activities Director Ann Sigmund gives manicures to all residents who would like one :)

  • 22/09/17 2:00 pm - 22/09/17 3:00 pm

    Our Activities Director Ann Sigmund gives manicures to all residents who would like one :)

  • 22/09/17 2:00 pm - 22/09/17 3:00 pm

    One word, trivia.  That is all we really need to say, cause everyone loves trivia.  There is no better way to use the useless knowledge, pop culture has given us!

  • 22/09/17 3:15 pm - 22/09/17 4:00 pm

    Volunteers from Immaculate Conception come to say the rosary with any residents who would like to participate.

  • 24/09/17 2:00 pm - 24/09/17 4:00 pm

    Residents gather in front of the big screen to watch popular cinema, from classic to next gen. films.

  • 25/09/17 11:30 am - 25/09/17 12:30 pm

    Our Activities Director, Ann Siegmund, leads a group discussion about current events happening at home and around the globe.  Come and stay up-to-date on today's top stories.

  • 26/09/17 11:30 am - 26/09/17 12:30 pm

    Ann Siegmund, our Activities Director, puts resident essentials up for auction.  Residents are given auction tickets to bid on a variety of items. Many of these auction items are donated by our generous extended family, from books to hand lotions, scented candles, sweet treats and much more.

  • 26/09/17 3:30 pm - 26/09/17 4:30 pm

    Strengthening your mind is just as important as strengthening your body.  Residents will be working together to complete cross-word puzzles, on a larger scale than the newspaper of course.  If you don't use, you lose it!  Come help as we complete these mega-sized puzzles.

  • 27/09/17 11:30 am - 27/09/17 12:30 pm

    A priest from St. John's Church, in Historic Lutherville, will be visiting to give a short prayer service and communion.  All College Manor residents are welcome to join.

  • 27/09/17 3:00 pm - 27/09/17 4:00 pm
    Join us as we travel to a time of refinement, with a delightful tea party in our chapel.  Sweet treats will be served: scones, cucumber sandwiches along with a variety of teas.
  • 29/09/17 3:00 pm - 29/09/17 4:00 pm

    Joanna Phillips runs a theater workshop for seniors and she will be bringing this back to College Manor this month.  Her theme will be, " Storytelling."  Last month, she was here to celebrate our nation's day of independence.  This month the theme will be a surprise.  Come listen to her engaging,"Storytelling."

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