Easter Bunny

10/04/17 2:30 pm - 10/04/17 3:30 pm

The Easter Bunny has come to town. He decided that he would rather come hangout with some residents at College Manor instead of hiding boring old eggs. Today he will be going around to resident rooms, possibly handing out some treats and taking Easter photos with everyone. Bring the grandchildren in for the day!

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    A little light stretching, exercise and a couple jokes with our personal trainer, Larry McClain.  He'll pump you up!

  • 20/11/17 2:00 pm - 20/11/17 3:00 pm

    Try your luck with this classic game.

  • 23/11/17 11:00 am - 23/11/17 12:00 pm

    Laura is a local Baltimore artist who leads the art class at College Manor.  She always has a new art project or craft for residents to try.  Laura is also a gifted people-person who effortlessly coaches residents as they create art pieces of their own.

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