25/04/17 11:15 am - 25/04/17 12:30 pm

Anne Sigmund, our Activities Director, puts resident essentials up for auction.  Residents can use their allotment of Fo-Money, to bid on things such as Kleenex, lotions, candles, treats and much more.

Related upcoming events

  • 21/07/17 11:00 am - 21/07/17 11:30 am

    A little light stretching and exercise with our trainer, Larry McClain.  He'll pump you up!

  • 21/07/17 11:30 am - 21/07/17 12:30 pm

    Our Activities Director, Ann Sigmund, will have a light snack and drink for residents on the patio.  It is a pleasant spot to look out over Historic Lutherville.

  • 21/07/17 2:00 pm - 21/07/17 3:00 pm

    Our Activities Director Ann Sigmund gives manicures to all residents who would like one :)

  • 21/07/17 3:15 pm - 21/07/17 4:00 pm

    Volunteers from Immaculate Conception come to say the rosary with any residents who would like to participate.

  • 22/07/17 2:00 pm - 22/07/17 3:00 pm

    Tom Lucas is a musician from the great state of Maryland.  He will bring his guitar to the stage this afternoon and perform popular songs from days gone by.

  • 23/07/17 2:00 pm - 23/07/17 3:30 pm

    A relaxing Sunday morning goes well with a musical performance by Ms. Esther.  Come listen in the Great Room.  At your leizure :)

  • 24/07/17 11:30 am - 24/07/17 12:30 pm

    Our Activities Director, Ann Siegmund, leads a group discussion about current events happening at home and around the globe.

  • 24/07/17 2:00 pm - 24/07/17 3:00 pm

    Try your luck with this classic game.

  • 24/07/17 3:30 pm - 24/07/17 4:30 pm

    The Kona Ice snowball truck will be here this afternoon with some refreshing treats for the residents of College Manor.  Come outside and get a taste of summer before it is gone!  Anyone that doesn't feel like moving can have their snowball treat hand-delivered.  Problem solved!  Boom!

  • 25/07/17 11:30 am - 25/07/17 12:30 pm

    Ginger Glindemann, a local volunteer, leads residents in discussions that are based around a seasonal theme.  Ginger has years of experience with seniors which is clear when you watch her work.  Resident engagement at College Manor is one area that we are constantly trying to build upon and Ginger holds an important role in this process.

  • 25/07/17 2:00 pm - 25/07/17 3:00 pm

    Bill Falk is a local Baltimore magician.  He will be here this afternoon to shock your senses!  Come see slight of hand tricks and maybe learn a trick or two in our multi-purpose room.  Bill likes to incorporate live animals and audience members into his act be ready :)

  • 25/07/17 3:30 pm - 25/07/17 4:30 pm

    Strengthening your mind is just as important as strengthening your body.  Residents will be working together to complete cross-word puzzles, on a larger scale than the newspaper of course.  If you don't use, you lose it, so come help as we complete these mega-sized puzzles!

  • 26/07/17 11:30 am - 26/07/17 12:30 pm

    A priest from St. John's Church, in Historic Lutherville, will be visiting to give a short prayer service and communion. All residents are welcome to join.

  • 26/07/17 2:00 pm - 26/07/17 3:00 pm

    Bringing the hit television game show to life at College Manor.

  • 26/07/17 4:30 pm - 26/07/17 5:30 pm

    Once again, we will be rolling out the brown paper for the sacred Maryland blue crabs.  All you have to bring is your bib and an appetite.  If you can't pick your own crabs, a picker will be available to assist you.  The picking begins at 4:30 pm and will be outside under the pavilion, weather permitting.  Come dig into the Maryland crab experience with your loved ones.

  • 27/07/17 11:00 am - 27/07/17 12:00 pm

    Laura is a local Baltimore artist who comes to College Manor twice-a-month.  She always has a new art project or craft for her students to perfect.  Laura is also a gifted people person who effortlessly coaches residents as they make a masterpiece of their own.

  • 27/07/17 2:00 pm - 27/07/17 3:00 pm

    Try your luck with this classic game.

  • 29/07/17 2:00 pm - 29/07/17 3:00 pm

     Come listen to the music styling's of, local Baltimore artist, Tiffany.  She will be playing piano for residents this Sunday afternoon.  Stay and watch or just relax in the living room and listen, the day is yours!

  • 30/07/17 2:00 pm - 30/07/17 4:00 pm

    Residents gather in front of the big screen to watch popular cinema, from classic to next gen. films.

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