We Have the Answers

Do you have an availability?
We are here to help in a short period of time, although there may be a waiting list for the exact room you may desire.

Will my relative have to share a room?
All the rooms are private.

What about furniture?
We can furnish the room at no extra cost. We encourage you to furnish the rooms with the things that are familiar and personal.

Is there an entrance fee?
There is no entrance/community fee, deposit or application fee required for admission.  As with any assisted living, we do require a signed contract prior to admission.

What happens if the care needed progresses to a point of being beyond your care level?
We are a Level 3 Assisted Living with a core staff with more than 20 years experience taking care of seniors at our Lutherville, MD location. As a normal course there are very few problems that progress and cannot be supported in our environment. Most people who come stay and their needs are supported with therapies through Hospice care if desired. Care that we cannot safely support usually requires a hospital stay. A social worker can then assist with options for placement.

Does Medicare pay for any of the room rate here?
Medicare only pays for skilled care for a limited time out of the hospital in an acute care setting. Assisted living is not a subsidized setting in this case. Medicare, however, pays for therapies such as physical therapy, occupational therapy and skilled nursing visits in this setting and for the majority of the equipment that might be needed.

We have been serving Maryland seniors for over 65 years.